Hi, I’m Fi Macmillan and I enable senior people to create powerful transitions with bespoke coaching programmes and vision days.

Whether stepping up in their existing organisation, or moving to a new one, the people I work with are making a step-change in their leadership and being called on to deliver accelerated business results.

To do that they will need to rethink how they operate, rewrite their map of influence and learn how to balance quick wins with longer-term strategies.

McKinseys show that 40% of executive transitions are declared failures within 18 months. Why? Because transitions are a time of visibility and vulnerability, so taking the right steps is crucial. Which is where I come in.

As a leadership transition coach I help senior executives to successfully navigate the challenges of a new role, so that they can perform at their peak sooner rather than later.

I work with my clients to:

  • Clarify and manage the expectations of those around them
  • Establish leadership behaviours that will create that success for them
  • Successfully establish the right relationships
  • Build and energise their teams

Whatever their sector, one-to-one coaching gives clients a powerful, results-oriented framework that allows them to get in the driving seat quicker.

They learn to heed their inner voice, to make quicker, better decisions.

They learn to shift their perspective, so they can find more creative, sustainable solutions.

And, ultimately, they step fully into their own authentic leadership style.

To see the ways I can help leaders in transition to become powerhouses of performance, take a look at my coaching programmes.

Fi Macmillan Executive Coach