About Fi Macmillan

I believe everyone has the potential to be an extraordinary leader. Because within us are powerful resources we don’t access until we are forced to draw on them.

Great leaders become more resilient, more courageous, more confident – more them.

Until we face exceptional challenges such as promotion that require us to stretch, grow and simply… be more. And that’s what great leaders do, they become more.

That’s why I love coaching leaders in transition. Because I get the privilege of working with people at this critical time to harness their potential and accelerate their business results.

My Business Experience

I know from personal experience just how resourceful we can be. In my mid twenties I took over a family business and at the time I had no clue what that would require of me, but I thrived on the challenge of figuring things out.

I found running a business so stimulating and enriching that I went on to successfully establish two consultancies in recruitment and marketing, which partnered with corporates such as BSkyB, Volvo, Lloyds TSB and the British Heart Foundation.

I work with clients to create that kind of change.

Being an entrepreneur taught me that given the opportunity, the right support and a clear vision, we can achieve far more than we previously thought possible.

When I came across coaching, I felt I had discovered a tool that can powerfully facilitate that development journey – it can change people’s leadership identity, and their business performance.

My Training

I’ve always been committed to excellence and professionalism in my career, which is why I have become an Ashridge Accredited Coach. My other training includes:

As a member of the EMCC, I adhere to their code of ethics and I have regular, professional one-to-one supervision. I’m dedicated to providing effective coaching that delivers results, which is why I am academically trained and continue to invest in my own development as a coach.

My Coaching Approach

Coaching is a learning partnership, so

  • I’m like an independent thought partner who is there not to judge but to support them in finding their own solutions.
  • I provide a reflective space that helps them learn to listen to their own inner voice – and trust it.
  • I challenge their thinking, so they can become even more strategic and innovative; and even more themselves.
  • I have a robust coaching style, which means I’m always stretching them to consider what could be an even better approach.
  • I help them raise awareness of their own patterns and habits, so that they can relate to others in a conscious way, which can help to increase cooperation and decrease conflict.
  • I also bring a sense of adventure to my coaching, because I want my clients to enjoy the process as well as evolve through it!

But most importantly, I believe in my clients, which allows them to believe in themselves.

Working With Me

If you’re intrigued to find out more about how I work with my clients, take a look at my coaching programmes.