Transitioning into a new role can feel like crossing a new frontier.

  •  You are tackling unfamiliar territory
  • The people landscape is different at this level
  • Expectations of you have changed

You may feel 100% ready for this new challenge, but your excitement is mixed with a dollop of fear.

Because no matter how confident you are in your abilities, it’s the unknown that can trip you up.

Which is why taking a guide along for the journey is your best bet for success (a fact backed up by research).

In my experience as a leadership coach, the main reason people struggle when taking on a new role, promotion or sideways move, is because they have underestimated the importance of planning their transition.

Being good at what you do will only get you so far.

Getting to grips with what your new role requires of you is the secret to a successful transition.

We’re talking:

  • Being clear about what’s being expected of you in the new role
  • Knowing your business objectives and mobilising behind them
  • Getting clear on the skill sets of your team and if there are any gaps to delivery
  • How to be as a leader to get the most out of the team you have
  • Identifying areas in your own development that need to be addressed to meet expectations and deliver results
  • How to work with key stakeholders at a more senior level

But figuring out where to focus, what to prioritise and how to adapt, can be really difficult in isolation. (And asking for help from peers and colleagues can feel at odds with our desire to make a great first impression!)

What’s needed is someone who is impartial, objective and can give perspective.

Someone who can help leaders get the lay of the land fast, and take strategic action that shows they were the right person for the job.

Which is what makes a transition coach such an invaluable guide.

The last thing anyone wants to hear three months down the line is, “Sorry, you just aren’t performing”.

Those five words equal wasted time, effort and money.

So if your company wants to set up your leaders for a powerful transition (and ensure they get it right the first time), then give them the support they need.

I offer several coaching packages that you can read more about below.

  • Six Month Transition Coaching

    Leaders who are on their game have four things in common: courage, a willingness to reflect, a commitment to their growth, and an open mind.
    It’s clients with those traits and aspiring to that level of leadership who will thrive in this programme. Find out more…

  • Leader in Transition 360 Coaching

    Outstanding leaders aren’t created in isolation, they’re polished in everyday working life as a manager, colleague and employee. 360-Degree Feedback can help do just that. Find out more…

If, like most of my clients, you want to talk about how a transition coaching programme can work best in your organisation, let’s talk.