Onboarding Coaching

Onboarding into a leadership role in a new organisation has been described as a ‘switchback ride’ and ‘like trying to drink from a fire hose’.

Managing expectations, rewriting your networks and how to adapt your leadership are just a few of the significant challenges.  In this crucible of experience, there is huge opportunity for achievement and personal growth.

Bridget Ferrands of ‘Leadership Transitions’ describes the mastery of onboarding as a metacognition vital to all leaders.  This programme develops that mastery.

Leaders who excel at this have four things in common: resilience, a willingness to reflect, a commitment to their growth, and an open mind.  It’s clients with these traits, or who aspire to them, that will thrive in this programme.

Whether you are facing an experienced leader or a rising star, this coaching framework will help you expand your inner resources and dial up your influence, innovation and presence.

How Onboarding Coaching works

This programme works to pre-agreed outcomes that are reviewed with you and your coaching sponsor together. All sessions and content discussed is confidential.

Initial Consultation

I meet potential clients for a chemistry session that allows us to suss each other out, discuss how coaching works and determine whether we would be a good fit to work together. You walk away with a development framework centred around your new role, which is yours to keep whether we want to work together, or not.

Set-up Session

We meet with your sponsor to assess how your development needs to be aligned with the organisation’s objectives.

Sessions 1-3

Driven by you, these sessions are a response to the challenges of your new role. Pivotal to their success is aligning your leadership and team behaviour in support of key business objectives. You develop insight and clarity as you make sense of your new role.  With creative problem solving you come up with experiments to take outside the coaching room and into your role. Each session is 2 hours.

Midway Review

We check in with your sponsor to discuss how change is happening, and what else may be required.

360 Feedback

You are offered 360 feedback at this stage to see how you are perceived in your new role, strengths and development areas.

Sessions 4-6

Sessions continue to focus on supporting business results through how you show up as a leader. You develop clarity and effective action by reviewing new approaches and behaviour.  You become more resourceful to meet the challenges effectively and be more of the leader you are.

Final Review

Three months after our final session, we meet your sponsor to track the changes arising from the coaching programme.

What clients walk away with

  • Clarity of purpose and a vision aligned to the business’ objectives
  • Greater trust in their own abilities
  • Greater sense of their own leadership style
  • Confidence in their strengths as a leader
  • An increased awareness of how to better manage relationships
  • A stronger ability to stay with the bigger picture rather than get lost in the detail

Added Value

Participants in this programme will also receive

  • 360-degree feedback mid-programme
  • Laser coaching by email or telephone to jump any hurdles or navigate tricky challenges that crop up between sessions
  • Funky, off-site meeting space that help boost creativity and facilitate out-of-the-box thinking


Sessions are in a private space near the office, but telephone or Skype sessions are an option if necessary.

If you want to ace your move into a new role, with an entrepreneurial and professionally qualified coach, then this is the programme you’re looking for.

Contact me and we can get the ball rolling. Alternatively, read about my other coaching programmes.