Vision Intensive Programme

The Vision Day takes place at at Barnsley House Hotel, Gloucestershire

The Vision Day takes place at at Barnsley House Hotel, Gloucestershire

The Vision Intensive is a unique opportunity for leaders to clarify their vision. Centred on a Vision Day, based at a luxury hotel 75 minutes from London, you access high quality and accelerated thinking in a one-to-one deep-dive coaching experience.

Based on a successful and proven methodology, this programme won the 2014 Excellence in Leadership Coaching Award from the Association of Business Psychology.

Away from the office, clients generate breakthrough thinking about what is next in their leadership, business, career or life. The programme centres around the Vision Day, with pre-work and a coaching session six weeks later.

Who is it for?

It is perfect for leaders who are keen to set a clear vision for their role, their leadership or their contribution in work, or life. Clients crystallise their vision going forward.

“Highly inspiring and hugely valuable for my career, and my life. Unique, intense, life-changing.”

MD, educational development organisation

If you are at a crossroads, or have lost energy and confidence, it also gives you a high-impact intervention to refocus and reconnect with your strengths and values.

Some clients also use this programme as a turbo-boost to change, preferring this to a longer-term coaching programme.

How does it work?

  • You complete pre-work to kick start the visioning
  • You arrive at Barnsley House Hotel in the Cotswolds, for your one-to-one Vision Day
  • Working from your strengths and values, the programme covers 12 unique exercises, from creative and outdoors, to practical and thought-provoking.
  • The day moves from visioning techniques and generative exercises, to strengths-based action planning to fulfil your vision.
  • Six weeks after the Vision Day, you have a one-hour coaching session online or by telephone.

What will I get out of it?

Typically, clients leave energised and turbo-charged. With the structured process, in the relaxed setting of Barnsley House, they have accessed new thinking.

You can clarify where you are heading, and what is important to you.

This focus creates meaning and purpose, and helps you to prioritise goal-setting and decision-making.

To hear about how the Vision Intensive programme has worked for other leaders, contact Fi.